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In this post we will look at why it is so important to install security systems.

The high rate of crime in South Africa is a major concern for tourists as it is for expatriates moving to or living in Cape Town.

South Africa is known to have one of the highest crime rates in the world regarding assault, rape and murder. Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban are ranked usually as critical crime threat locations.

The recurring reports about public unrest as well as about the many rape and murder incidents are in fact very intimidating.

Crime and violence affect everybody like everywhere else in the world. In South Africa, most crimes are reported in poorer areas, but also the residents in more affluent suburbs are affected by violence and crime.

Installing a home security system can be costly, but not installing one could cost you even more. Below we will take a look at the top five reasons to install a home security system or upgrading your existing home alarm system.

1. Protect Your Home and Family from Intruders

The biggest reason a home owner should consider installing a home security system is that it offers protection to family members from intruders.

Homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. This indicates that the mere presence of an alarm system is enough in most cases to protect the home and its occupants from a break-in.

In some cases, burglars may still target a home either knowingly or unknowingly when members of the family are inside. For the burglar who enters the home expecting it to be empty, finding members of the family inside can cause enough shock and panic to facilitate aggressive behavior.

Having a security system in place often provides family members with enough warning to get to a safe location in our outside the home while the alarm system dispatches the armed response. For burglars that enter a home knowing that family members are inside, their intentions are often much more malicious and the home alarm system again serves as an early warning system and calls the armed response.

2. Provide Your Family with Peace of Mind

The presence of a home security system provides many families with a peace of mind knowing that their home is protected from a variety of devastating scenarios.

When home owners are elderly, incapacitated in some way or frequently left home alone, this peace of mind is invaluable. For the elderly who may be unable to get out of a home with the speed required in many dangerous situations, home security systems dispatch armed response that are capable of assisting.

For those who are incapacitated and unable to leave the home, home security systems not only monitor all areas of the home, but again, they dispatch authorities when needed.

Finally, home alarm systems are beneficial for families that often leave family members home alone. Whether it is children of working parents being left alone, or a wife of a husband who are frequently left alone for extended periods, home security systems provide peace of mind.

3. Protect Your Valuables

Throughout our lifetimes we collect and purchase items that have meaning to us. From sentimental inheritances to big purchases, these things represent who we are and the accomplishments we have made. When burglars enter our home however, our feelings towards our possessions are the furthest thing from their minds, as they focus on the retail value of what they are taking.

For most homeowners, the presence of a home alarm system is enough to deter burglars but when it is not, it serves an additional function. As well as signaling armed response that the home has been burgled and increasing the chances that intruders will be caught, the cameras installed catch the intruders in the act. Having visual documentation of the home intrusion increases the likelihood that the burglar will be identified for the crime committed. Video footage also helps homeowners create a record of what has been taken from their home during a burglary.

4. Having Someone Else to Monitor Your Home

One of the biggest benefits to having a monitored home security system is that it provides constant monitoring even when you are unable to do so yourself. Leaving town for business or going on vacation can be nerve wracking even with a home security alarm, but with monitoring services there is always someone to respond to your alarm being triggered. Without the watchful eye of a monitoring company, the damage caused by a break in could be much worse than they otherwise would be.

* Secure Your Home does not offer monitoring but we work closely with a reliable company that does offer this service and it can be arranged through us.

5. Save on Insurance

Insurance is a mandatory part of becoming a homeowner in most circumstances. The cost of this type of insurance coverage varies on location, coverage, payment plans, insurance company, type of house and a few other factors. Insurance is designed to cover the house and the possessions therein from losses such as break ins. Most insurances nowadays require you to have an active, working and monitored alarm system in your home otherwise they don’t cover you. For other insurances, they will reduce the monthly premium should you have an monitored alarm in your home. Either way, you will have a win-win situation by installing an alarm.

At Secure Your Home we not only believe in installing the best system, but the one that works best for your home, business or environment. We often get in the situation where multiple companies have quoted a client and some companies turn out to be cheaper than us. The clients usually want to know why (which is reasonable) and the simple answer is: the other company quoted on cheaper products to ensure they get the job, but those products don’t deliver the same service and don’t last as long. There are many other factors, but these are usually the main reasons. We will never quote you on expensive products if we don’t feel the need to or you don’t ask us to.

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