Secure Your Home specializes in a variety of services relating to securing your home or business. With that said, there is also a wide range of products for each service, some cheaper than other but not necessarily better. 

When quoting, we look at the bigger picture – what you want to protect and how much coverage you need. We then decide on which product to quote, based on which one will fit your needs best. Most companies just quote the cheapest product in order to hook the client. We believe in quoting the best product for you!

Our main focus is alarm installing in Cape Town but we  also offer CCTV installations, intercom system installations and DSTV installations. 

Have a look below at what we offer and fill in our contact form or call us us for a obligation free quote:

New alarm installation

Alarm installing in Cape Town has become a must with the ever rising crime rate and home intrusions thus creating a need to secure your home from intruders.
We have been in the security business and installation of alarms for over 6 years in Cape Town, thus we can give our clients expert advice on anything regarding security. We know which alarm system work best for your needs. After many years of working with different security systems, we have settled on DSCINIM and Paradox as primary security systems that deliver high-quality constant performance.
When considering alarm installers in Cape TownSecure Your Home should be your first choice! Call us today or fill in the contact form.

Repair faulty alarms

Does your alarm go off and there is nothing that is triggering it? This is an indication of a false alarm and can be the result of old worn wires, corrosion or even gecko’s in your beams! It can be a real nuisance but we can sort it out!

Service alarms

Servicing is important to ensure your home alarm system is working at its peak performance. Batteries are one of the most important components of your home alarm system. If not checked annually and replaced at the right time, they can cause serious problems and dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your system.
We can service and repair any brand of alarm system, so if you don’t know who to call, call us!

Upgrade/add ons on existing alarm system

This is applicable if you have a very old alarm system and feel like something new or, if you would like to add more PIR’s, keypads, beams, magnetic contacts, remotes etc. (Please note that if your system is too old and you would like to add extras, you will most probably have to upgrade your whole system)


Do you want to know what is going on outside your house when you are inside or not there, or maybe in your shop? Well you can with cameras (CCTV)! There is also an application for your cellphone where you can view the cameras live at any time. We’ll set it all up for you! We only install Provision camera systems which is very reputable.


No more random people coming up right to your door! If you have gates or walls outside your house, then an intercom will be the best solution. With this, you don’t have to open the door to anyone, they don’t even have to see you. You can also buzz your gate open with a press of a button on the intercom. Some intercoms come with a camera, so if you don’t want to answer/open, just ignore.

Remotes for automated doors/gates

One remote can be used to arm/disarm your home alarm, open your gate, garage and have a panic button. You can even have a remote to switch on/off your lights! We can help you with any remote, just give us a call.

Security/Wall spikes

Even though beams are a good way of chasing away intruders from entering your property, they can still grab something laying around outside and jump back over the wall. With the spikes, they will think more than twice before jumping the wall. The spikes are metal and galvanized to prevent corrosion.
Spikes are also a fraction of the price of electric fencing, so if you need the protection but don’t have as much to spend, try out our Security Spikes!
* beams are still highly recommended for installing around the house as this triggers your alarm and will notify the armed response.


Thus far, we have been doing DSTV installations and repairs upon request, but we have now officially added it to our portfolio. We can assist with upgrading to a new decoder, repairs, add-ons such as extra view or a whole new installation. (Please note that we do not offer the special package with installation)