How often should I have my alarm serviced?

This is a question many people ask and many people do not know. The bottom line is, security alarm servicing is a vital part of the installation and maintenance of your security alarm equipment. Should an alarm battery become faulty, your security alarm could be compromised and then, should you lose main power, this could be potentially devastating to you or your home or business.

What we do when servicing your alarm

Our qualified security technicians check your system to ensure it is functioning correctly. While completing your system’s service, our technicians can discuss the latest developments to make you aware of any areas where you could increase the effectiveness of your system in order to take full advantage of what your system can offer you. By learning about your system you will quickly realize how often to have your alarm serviced and keeping your security system maintained, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your system is protecting you and your property. There is also far less chance of annoying ‘false alarms’, so you can rely on your system.

When to service your alarm?

By getting your Alarm System serviced once a year, you can be very confident that it will work as expected. Better to find out if there is a problem sooner than later!

Some examples of service tasks performed

  • Checking overall system integrity.
  • Ensuring your system is communicating correctly with the monitoring/armed response company (if alarm is monitored)
  • Making sure the back up battery has a sufficient charge rate in case of power failure.
  • Checking all Sirens and Sensors are working correctly.
  • Checking all batteries are working on wireless products (if any).

An experienced consultant will discuss the best solution with you and recommend security upgrades if they are considered necessary. He/she will also point out if there any deficiencies in your current system.

We hope that you have gained some important information on the question, how often should I have my alarm serviced. Please contact us to service your alarm and help you feel more safe, by knowing you have a proper working alarm system.