Securing Your Home Effectively


Secure Your Home

In this post we talk about how you can effectively secure your home. Safety will always be a priority in South Africa. Securing your home should be one of the first things you do when moving into your new home.

According to the UK’s Home Office Statistics, home owners are twice as likely to be burgled within 12 months of moving homes.

Research found that the best way to prevent a house robbery includes keeping small dogs inside your home, electric fences, home alarm system, security sensors, and employing an armed response service.

Below we look at what a secure home looks like

CCTV cameras


The perimeter of your home is the first element you must secure.

With this, you can see what is going on outside your house, whether you are inside, at work or on holiday. There is an application for your cellphone where you can view the cameras live at any time.

CCTV cameras should mainly monitor your driveway and perimeter, but you can install them where ever you would like, even in your home.

An Intercom system


No more random people coming up right to your door! If you have gates or walls outside your house, then an intercom will be the best solution. With this, you don’t have to open the door to anyone, they don’t even have to see you. You can also buzz your gate open with a press of a button on the intercom. Some intercoms come with a camera, so if you don’t want to answer/open, just ignore.

Electric Fencing


The next step is an electric fence. The electric fence should follow industry guidelines to ensure it is not easily penetrated.

The sight of a visible security measure like an electric fence is hugely valuable in the protection of your home.

Remember to not switch the fence off when the alarm goes off repeatedly. Criminals can create a short in the fence, hoping it will malfunction or that the owner will switch it off.

Security Beams


Apart from an electric fence, have another security layer in place – like exterior security beams.

Exterior beams can pick up movement and activate an alarm system, warning you of an intrusion to your property and hopefully scare the intruders away.

A Smart Alarm System


A smart alarm system, with door and window contacts, activates an alarm if any entry is detected.

All entrance points should be covered by the alarm system.



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